Singular? Unlikely. These beauties are not from the neighbor’s shed. The beans are just starting to flower though would have been a good combination… maybe even though in a slice of bacon to keep from going vegetarian again… add some cheese, glass of wine, a sunset… talking about what?


Been cool and even had some light rain. Odd for July. Suppose to be in the 90s tomorrow. That’s beach weather! 🙂

Cool Weather

Been getting some cool weather and some cool rainbows.

Tomatoes are coming in steady and sharable. Have a few peppers but none have turned red, still waiting… Starting getting cucumbers but they are running a bit bitter so need to fertilize them more. Also, have several very cute little watermelons growing. We’ll see…. Lastly, plan to dig up the rest of the potatoes today for some fish and chips tonight 🙂