Spring progress…

The last two images are of the raised beds below the pond. These guys get weekly runoff from the pond when I clean the filter. They have carrots on the left and fingerling potatoes in the middle, and a smaller red heirloom potato on the right. A row of sunflowers will grow next to the side walk and easily reach the height the window in a couple months.


That’s it for now. Still need to prep the tomato bed but there is a little time before that needs to get done…

So Spring

These next two are just some lovely growers in the garden. The first is the Peruvian Lilly (Alstroemeria) that is next to the patio. You have to see this in it’s glory! Our second cherry tree is on the back left, not in bloom yet.


The second image is the jasmine at the back of the yard. I tried to focus on just a couple unopened flowers in the center. Man, this is one great smelling flower.


Spring Continued

In the first image, an imperial star artichoke is on the left and the cherry tree we planted last year on the right. The raised bed with the little mounds in the back has cucumbers planted, behind that is some volunteer arugula going to flower. Just coming up in the foreground, I planted more winter wheat for harvesting later for more compost making. And, there is a small rosemary in the bottom left corner.


The second picture is just kinda funny. We were having so much trouble with the pill bugs eating the strawberries, that we decided to grow them in pots, needless to say we keep needing more pots for ever expanding strawberry garden. We suspect that in time the entire patio will be covered with strawberries.


Spring 2015

Trying to capture the work that has gone into this years’ garden. Seems like a lot more than these picture can show but thought you might like to see some of the garden’s growth…

First set includes Romain lettuce and some volunteer dill and a small volunteer poppy hiding in the lettuce. In the back, out of focus, is the winter wheat planted late last year.

The next image is of red potatoes just popping up, and again, the wheat that has started going to seed. Need to pull that up…


red potatoes