Bird Netting

A couple days ago we transplanted a dozen or so red oak lettuce volunteers, a mesclun mix, some mustard greens and half a dozen broccoli plants. And also cast seeds for several more rows of oak leaf lettuce. The bugs seem to leave the oak leaf alone and with the bird netting we should get a pretty good survival.

The bird netting box was made using pvc pipe and laying the netting over and tying off with short clips of fencing wire. I used this last year and it worked great and then was packed up nicely. It should only be needed for a month or so to deter the birds.


Spring Continues

Rain the next few days…
Potatoes are up and growing faster than the bugs can munch. Well, mostly. The snap peas have begun to find their strings. Some of the lettuce is up and healthy but there still seems to be a problem with bugs, birds, planting the seed too deep, or just drying out… scratch the last one. The kadota fig’s breba crop is produced in the spring on the previous year’s growth. Interesting. The winter wheat is getting ready to seed. Time to pull up and compost…
Sweet, sweet rain….