Two Artichokes and a Pear Tree

Having time to garden is like having time to breath. Just casting seed is too much like sitting on the park bench and feeding the pigeons. We have some happy fat birds this year… Was able to add a couple more Imperial Star Artichokes to the back section and Comice Pear in the front yard, thanks to Harmony Farm Supply.

Some day this will all be yours.


It’s warm enough and feels like winter is over. Am only going to have time to do quick gardening this year so we’ll see if all of the work on building good rich soil in the beds over the last few years pays off.

No till, just a quick rake, then planted some Russian kale and a mix of green and red salad bowl lettuce along with a pack of older snow peas. If all goes well, these should be edible in a couple months…



The sunflowers over took the carrot bed a while back and kept these guys in the shade. Growing carrots in the shade?? Some pretty colors and tasty too.


heirloom potatoes

It got past to 90 today but I had the sweet joy of digging up these lovely heirloom potatoes for dinner. Now, just have to figure out how to cook them before someone eats them all raw…



There’s a building here called the hay building. I think that’s funny.

Garden is growing along. Took this photo out the back window. The small green patch of wheat grass will get pulled out in about a month and planted with some basil starts I have going. The lettuce row will become peppers. The white bags of manure are where the tomatoes will go… Hmm, that’s probably hard to see… anyway, it’s fun 🙂

Overall I thought this might be a good picture to follow up on in a couple of months after the tomatoes are in a fruiting. Ha! Did I say a couple months? Hehehe…