Too Busy

The lettuce that was growing in the box in the greenhouse has all been eaten. In its place I planted one tomato plant, a Cherokee Purple, to see if we can get tomatoes earlier. (Last year, our first tomatoes came in the last week of June.) These other tomato plants have been sitting in the greenhouse sucking up every drop of fertilizer and water I give them. We’ve just been too busy to finish prepping the tomato bed…. Such is the life of an urban farmer.


Spring Notes

Put in seed potatoes, corn, arugula.
The lettuce in the green house is looking to good to eat.
The tomatoes are going to climb out the window.

Will probably have to transplant the tomatoes into larger pots then move them out into the greenhouse.

I saw a white fly on the indoor plants several weeks ago. I think the cellar spiders living next to the tomatoes are getting fat.