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Anthropologie Inspired Plantain Dress

Another pattern hack! This one was inspired by a dress I saw at Anthropologie. What struck me most was the clever layering of lightweight knits to create an opaque dress. The tiers of light fabric give it nice movement and I also liked the combination of different stripes.

Tiered Plantain Dress

I used the Plantain Tee by Deer and Doe as the base. I got the idea to slash and spread the pattern from FaSewLa’s post about her swingy Plantain tee. And referenced Grainline’s tutorial for instructions. I added about 3 inches of width to the front and back pattern pieces and extended both down by about 12 inches.

Tiered Plantain Dress

I cut two dresses out and attached them at the neck and arm scye so the right side of the bottom layer faces the wrong side of the top layer. The top and bottom layers are hemmed separately which allows the layers to move separately. Both layers are made of lightweight rayon knits. And, yes – they are transparent and clingy on their own but really great together!

Details: Plantain sz 36, slashed and spread to add 6 inches each to front & back, lengthened ~12 inches