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Maternity Tunic

Thank you for the congratulations on Baby Pinned and the sympathies for sewing my finger! Over the last few weeks I started to outgrow many of my favorite handmade clothes and I really miss them. My enthusiasm for imagining and planning maternity sewing projects has definitely been greater than my energy, but I have managed to make one maternity top. And I have been wearing it A LOT!

gathered tunic front

This top is based on the Rachel Comey inspired peplum top I made last fall. I modified it in two ways to make it maternity friendly. First, I curved the peplum in the front like this Megan Nielsen dress. I raised the center of the bodice and peplum up 2 inches and drew a curve to connect back to the original length at the side. I might try raising it a little more next time although it’s kind of tough to decide how much room my belly needs and how much room my boobs need! Second, I added 4 inches in length to make it long enough to wear with leggings now and hopefully accommodate a growing bump for at least a couple more months. Other than that the only changes were to go sleeveless and top stitch the gathered peplum.

gathered tunic side crop

The fabric is a linen-rayon blend, I believe the Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer blend. It’s soft and has some body and a nice drape. Also it was handy in the stash! As before the back of this top is not gathered which makes it great for layering and keeps it feeling a little sleeker.

gathered tunic back crop

I’m taking advantage of my blog to track my growing bump, so here’s a glamour shot of the belly at four months. Not too impressive yet, but it certainly feels different than normal!

gathered tunic bump

Details: Butterick 3383 sz XS, cut at the shorten line for the bodice, gathered rectangle added to the front, flat rectangle added to the back – both lengthened 4″, bodice/peplum both curved up 2″ at the center front, neck and arm scyes finished with bias binding, top stitched peplum seam allowance

Nani Iro Woodblock Pocho Peplum

Another boxy peplum top! This time in my (current) favorite Nani Iro printed double gauze.

Nani Iro Woodblock Pocho Peplum

I have to say – making this was not a smooth process. In fact, this is the second time I’ve had a near disaster on my hands using this lovely fabric. This summer I decided to use it for a Tiny Pocket Tank. I did a muslin and thought I’d worked out the fit. Sadly, the tank was much too snug through the bust to wear. So I found the Nani Iro top a new home and went on to make a tank that fit.

Nani Iro Woodblock Pocho Peplum

But I still needed a top out of this fabric and it seemed like it would make a great boxy peplum top. The near disaster? Well, I accidentally cut into the side of the shirt just below the arm scye. Argh! Luckily the top is very boxy and I was able to take it in on the sides and save it. I was not about to give up on this fabric a second time!

Nani Iro Woodblock Pocho Peplum

I used the same modified Butterick 3383 pattern that I did for my last boxy peplum top. I spent some time playing with the print when I cut it out to really play up the different size dots. Since this one is double gauze I hand stitched all the hems, the neckline, and even the waist seam for a really clean finish. I ended up using a less full peplum since the double gauze has a lot of body. And like the last one the gathering is only in the front which makes it really easy to layer.

Note to self:
– be more careful with scissors!

Details: B3383 sz XS shortened at the shorten line, gathered rectangle added to front, flat rectangle added to back, sleeves lengthened about 2″, taken in on the sides 1 1/2″

Rachel Comey Inspired Peplum Top

This project was inspired by this fantastic boxy peplum top by Rachel Comey. It spoke to me for so many reasons: the gathered peplum is only in the front – the back is straight, so not too much poof, a boxy fit and casual vibe, girly but not too girly… also love that color – anyone know where I can get my hands on some lavender silk CDC?

Rachel Comey Inspired Peplum Top

This top started me on a boxy gathered peplum inspiration binge – just check out my fall sewing pinterest board if you want to see more! Or take a look at the lovely pepruffle top that Lisa at notes from a mad housewife made.

Rachel Comey Inspired Peplum Top

I used Butterick 3383 as my starting point. I cut the bodice pieces at the shorten/lengthen line and added a gathered rectangle to the front and a flat rectangle to the back and I lengthened the sleeves a little (wrinkles are optional). A pretty easy pattern hack.

Rachel Comey Inspired Peplum Top

I intended this as a test of the pattern hack so the fabric is a sage green tencel twill that I reclaimed from another project. I had to piece together several sections for the front peplum since there was barely enough fabric. In the end I love it and have been wearing it constantly. The next one is almost done!

Details: B3383 sz XS shortened at the shorten line, gathered rectangle added to front, flat rectangle added to back, sleeves lengthened about 2″