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Striped Linen Scout and Plain White Linden

Me-Made-May is off to a good start! I’ve got a couple of new garments to share today, both from Grainline Studio patterns. First is this light and airy Scout Tee.

linen scout front

This top is heavily inspired by this lovely striped Scout.

linen scout side

I added a curved hem and lengthened the sleeves so they could be rolled up.

linen scout back

The striped linen fabric from Stonemountain is very lightweight and a little crisp.

linen scount action

Since it was a little chilly out I layered on my new Linden sweatshirt. Although I wasn’t sure about a plain white sweatshirt I resisted the temptation to embellish. And I’ve gotta say I’m glad. Thanks to everyone who recommended leaving it plain!

white linden front

This is made from an organic cotton fleece. The only adjustment I made was to shorten the body by 2″ just like my other Lindens.

white linden back

I’m also linking up with Gray All Day’s Sew it Chic in a Week #14.

Metallic Quilted Linden

I’ve got another Grainline Linden sweatshirt to share! It is a surprise to me that I’ve only made three of these so far – but I’m sure by this time next year there will be a dozen. In fact I’ve got a fluffy white organic cotton fleece standing by. I am a little concerned that a plain white sweatshirt will be too boring – any ideas for embellishing it? Maybe embroidery

Metallic Quilted Linden

This was taken with a sculpture by Patrick Amiot – a local artist in Sebastopol. I couldn’t resist the farm girl and her pig. I’m sure she sews.

Metallic Quilted Linden

The fabric for this one is a quilted black poly with splotches of metallic silver. I overexposed this photo so it’s easier to see what the fabric looks like. I’m not a huge fan of poly (major understatement) but this one just looked so cool I had to have it. No regrets.

Details: Linden sweatshirt by Grainline, sz 2 graded to sz 4 at hip, shortened the body (front & back) by 2″

Neon Red Linden & Two More…

Hello new favorite sweatshirt. So warm and snuggly, it’s the perfect thing to wear to the beach in January. This is the Linden sweatshirt from Grainline patterns. When it first came out I wasn’t sure that I needed sweatshirts. Then Christmas break happened and it was cold and I didn’t have to get dressed for work and I decided I did need sweatshirts. So off to Stonemountain and Daughter to find the right knits.

Neon Red Linden & Two More...

The fabric is a very thick and fluffy sweatshirt fleece in what may be my favorite shade of bright red. I cut a size 2 on top and graded out to a size 4 at the hip. I also shortened it by 2″ after comparing with another sweatshirt in my closet. It was a very fast and easy sew. I did try top stitching around the neck to tack down the seam, but the fabric is so thick that it ended up a bit uneven. A little unpicking fixed that.

Neon Red Linden & Two More...

As for the two more… The lovely striped hat I’m wearing was crocheted by my sister Abby (Thanks!). And what you can’t see is that I’m wearing a new pair of Cloth Habit’s Rosy Ladyshorts. This is the second pair and I’m pleased with the fit now that I’ve added about 1/2″ to the backside. I’m using these as practice while I work up to trying the new Watson pattern.

Details: Linden sweatshirt by Grainline, sz 2 graded to sz 4 at hip, shortened the body (front & back) by 2″; Cloth Habit Rosy Ladyshorts, sz 6, 1/2″ added to center back and graded to a smooth line, 1/2″ added to waist band