Modified Hemlock in Nani Iro &

This top was inspired by two things. First the fabulous Nani Iro double gauze fabric. Second the lace Hemlock that CUTCUTSEW posted.

I started with a slimmed down Hemlock and made a few adjustments: I extended the sleeves for more of a kimono sleeve and shortened it a bit. I made two practice versions before cutting into the Nani Iro. It seemed too precious to experiment on!

Nani Iro Hemlock

This is a very large scale print so I didn’t worry about matching it at the side seams. I did take a little care laying out the pattern.

Nani Iro Hemlock Side

Details: Grainline studio’s free Hemlock pattern with 2″ removed from the front and the back, the shoulders extended by a couple of inches, and 3-4″ shorter

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