Madewell Inspired

I made this dress last fall and it’s always a pleasure to wear it. I even got a compliment when we were out taking these pictures.

Striped Red Dress

This was inspired by a red and white striped dress from Madewell. It wasn’t too hard to find a pattern to use as the base – this is New Look 6223 but there are loads of remarkably similar patterns. I made a few modifications to mimic the Madewell dress including cutting the top on the cross-grain to get the contrast stripes and lining the pleats up with the stripes in the skirt.

Tracking down the right striped fabric took a little longer. At the time I was still finding new (to me) fabric stores in the bay area. On my first visit to A Verb for Keeping Warm I spotted this from across the room and knew it would be perfect. It’s a bottom weight canvas and definitely heavier than the Madewell version but it works pretty well with the pleated skirt and didn’t need a lining.

Striped Red Dress Pocket

It’s been a while but I recall that fitting went reasonably well… It did take some time to line up all the stripes and work out the pleats in the skirt. The floral pockets are a fun detail – one of the perks of sewing!

Details: New Look 6223, size 10 graded to 12 at waist; lowered darts; pleats were adjusted to match the stripes; front & back neckline gaping was reduced by adjusting the shoulders and taking in along the zipper


  1. Fröbelina says:

    What a great dress! I found you on Flickr and I just have to tell you: those stripes really do it for you! 🙂

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