Steven Alan Inspired Plaid

Happy New Year! This was one of my last projects of 2014. I’ve been really craving a boxy blue buffalo plaid top after seeing this Creatures of Comfort shirt at Steven Alan.

Steven Alan Inspired Plaid

This is my fourth Simplicity 1366 (here’s my first). I love this pattern. I made a few changes: adjusted the neckline to be narrower and deeper, lowered the armscye a little, lengthened by 1/2″ and used Grainline’s bias binding method.

Steven Alan Inspired Plaid

The plaid flannel is from JoAnns. I used the “wrong” side of the fabric so it would be less fuzzy.

Steven Alan Inspired Plaid

I thought this shirt deserved some extra attention so I tried out some iron-on rayon seam binding that I inherited from my grandmother’s stash. It was quick and easy to do and has held up well. I’ll be using this technique again soon.

Steven Alan Inspired Plaid

Details: Simplicity 1366, sz 8, 1/2″ longer, brought in neckline by 1/4″ on each side, lowered neckline 1/4″, lowered armscye 1/4″, lengthened by 1/2″, used bias binding for neckline


  1. Inder says:

    Cute! And look at your pattern matching! Well done. I love this look with jeans. Iron-on rayon seam binding? I didn’t even know such a thing existed! Must investigate …

    • pinned says:

      Thank you! Much easier to line up patterns in fuzzy flannel than with knits – at least with my machine. I’m not sure if this kind of seam binding has a modern-day equivalent. Please let me know if you find some as my stash will run out at some point!

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