Neon Red Linden & Two More…

Hello new favorite sweatshirt. So warm and snuggly, it’s the perfect thing to wear to the beach in January. This is the Linden sweatshirt from Grainline patterns. When it first came out I wasn’t sure that I needed sweatshirts. Then Christmas break happened and it was cold and I didn’t have to get dressed for work and I decided I did need sweatshirts. So off to Stonemountain and Daughter to find the right knits.

Neon Red Linden & Two More...

The fabric is a very thick and fluffy sweatshirt fleece in what may be my favorite shade of bright red. I cut a size 2 on top and graded out to a size 4 at the hip. I also shortened it by 2″ after comparing with another sweatshirt in my closet. It was a very fast and easy sew. I did try top stitching around the neck to tack down the seam, but the fabric is so thick that it ended up a bit uneven. A little unpicking fixed that.

Neon Red Linden & Two More...

As for the two more… The lovely striped hat I’m wearing was crocheted by my sister Abby (Thanks!). And what you can’t see is that I’m wearing a new pair of Cloth Habit’s Rosy Ladyshorts. This is the second pair and I’m pleased with the fit now that I’ve added about 1/2″ to the backside. I’m using these as practice while I work up to trying the new Watson pattern.

Details: Linden sweatshirt by Grainline, sz 2 graded to sz 4 at hip, shortened the body (front & back) by 2″; Cloth Habit Rosy Ladyshorts, sz 6, 1/2″ added to center back and graded to a smooth line, 1/2″ added to waist band


  1. Inder says:

    I need more patterns like I need a hole in my head! But this one is sooooooo tempting. You’re not helping!!! 🙂 Looks great on you, so comfy, and it’s great that we even shop at the same fabric store! I can source the same fabrics!

    • pinned says:

      Geez, I know just what you mean. Every time I get a new pattern I’m worried I won’t use it before the next new one! As luck would have it Stonemountain seems to have some great sweatshirt fabric right now – even some on sale. Saw several I “needed” but managed to only buy 3. Pretty restrained for me. Happy to enable your fabric shopping. 😉

  2. Carolyn says:

    This colour looks fabulous on you! and the style very comfortable and easy to wear. every time I see something from that stone mountain and daughters I wish so much I could go fabric shopping there!

    • pinned says:

      Thanks Carolyn! Very comfy – definitely recommend it. Stonemountain is such a great local resource! If you’re ever in northern CA…

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