Designer Inspired Silk Tanks

Hello, what have you been sewing? I’ve been working on some silk tanks. I saw this look from the Bally 2015 Spring collection and was really taken with the v-neck tank. The front seam, deep v, wide shoulder – yep, all of it. I decided to work from my Scout Tank which is loosely based on Grainline’s Scout Tee.

Here’s the first version:

Scout Tank

It’s made from a remnant of pale pink silk noil. Love the combination of drape and texture in this fabric.

Scout Tank

Scout Tank
For the next one I decided the v needed to be deeper and the shoulders a bit wider. The shoulder seams needed to be moved towards the back. And there was a bit of pulling from the armscye towards my bust – not enough to be uncomfortable, but enough to tweak the fit a little. Here’s the second version:

Scout Tank

Woohoo! Very happy with this one – it’s got the design features I liked in the Bally tank and is perfectly wearable in real life (ahem, the v-neck is safe to wear to work). The armscye fits better too.

Scout Tank

This one is made from a lavender silk-cotton twill. I am so digging lavender right now and having a hard time finding fabric this color. I’d like to make one more of these. I think a fabric with a little more body might be nice – any suggestions?

Scout Tank

I’m also joining Gray All Day’s Sew it Chic link up this week. Be sure to check it out!

Details: started with Grainline Scout Tee sz 0, added front center seam, v-neck, wider shoulders, lower armscye, and pretty sure the original pattern was shortened 1″ or more


  1. Helena says:

    That looks beautiful and so classic! You figured that fit out perfectly. Are you going to make 100 more?

  2. Jen says:

    I like how you tankified the scout tee — very nice! I’m on the hunt as well for nice silks … do share if you find a good source. 🙂

    • pinned says:

      So many scout tee hacks to try! I’ve had good luck with my local-ish fabric store, Stonemountain & Daughter. They do sell some online but the selection isn’t nearly as good as in store.

      • Inder says:

        I was seriously admiring those exact fabrics on Saturday! Haha! I was like, oh, silk cotton, good to know! And bumpy raw silk lovely! I didn’t buy any, but this looks like a great style that doesn’t need a ton of fabric. Do you prewash the silk and then treat it as usual? Or does this get special treatment? Awesome Scout hack btw!

      • pinned says:

        Hilarious! I prewash & dry the same as I do every fabric: delicate cycle, cold water, low heat tumble dry. Both of these silks are really easy to sew with & have held up well. Yep, only 1 yard I’d say – maybe even less…

  3. Kelly says:

    You can’t go wrong with a simple silk top, and you’ve nailed the fit here! Now you can make an infinite supply!

  4. lsaspacey says:

    I agree the 2nd one looks just like the Bally tee but for myself I really think you nailed the fit on the 1st one. The fit on the back looks perfect! I would love that for myself. I guess I now have to try some Scout hacks. Although it looks closer to the Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank, so maybe I’ll start with that one first.

    • pinned says:

      Thanks! The first one is also a favorite now. I’ve tried the Tiny Pocket Tank and didn’t have much luck – I think it may require an FBA for me. Which is why I started hacking up the Scout instead! Sigh, I’m so lazy about fitting a new pattern. 😉

  5. Kate Davies says:

    Love this, it’s so light!

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